Business Outline

By utilizing the practical expertise and research development of the researchers and academics, our business domain refers to:
  • Development of online education technology and methodology
  • Improvement of online education learning environment
  • Promotion of open education

Development of Online Education Technology and Methodology -TIES and CHiLO-

E-learning system TIES was used in the university consortium being the parent organization of CCC-TIES. This innovative learning system was developed in 1996 in Tezukayama University in days when the word e-learning was still uncommon. Now its development has transferred to CCC-TIES and we have developed it further by embedding various modules and systems on the open source LMS, “Moodle”. CHiLO is a new type of e-learning system, keeping the ebook “CHiLO Book” in core, created to solve the challenges found in conventional e-learning systems including TIES. history_en

Improvement of Online Education Learning Environment

Both TIES and CHiLO are distributed as an open-source platform. Therefore they are downloadable and customizable to all. Additionally, we at CCC-TIES offer operations support for these e-learning systems.

Promotion of Open Education

We offer CHiLO Book Open Library, CHiLO Portal and various support for our users.