To Suppliers

Specified Non-Profit Corporation, Consortium TIES (NPO Consortium-TIES) shall follow strict guidelines against misuse of research grants and develop an environment to guard against impropriety.
We ask for your kind cooperation and understanding in our prevention measures.

1.What applies to illegal use of research grants

Creating documents that have no reality or issuing false invoices at a request of the researcher or staff of CCC-TIES to illegally use research grants.

2.Penalty against fraudulent activities

Suspension of business for a certain period corresponding to the nature of the fraudulent activity.
Do not reply to any request of the researcher or staff that may cause misuse.
(The Chief Director shall decide the period of business suspension)

3.Contact to report or consult concerning misuse of research grants
You can report to Consortium-TIES Secretariat whenever you observe any misuse.

4.Submission of the letter of commitment

We may ask you to submit a letter of commitment when placing orders for purchasing office and stationary supplies, leasing and renting, or contracting work.
Commitment format (Japanese)