Preventing Misuse

Basic Policies for Preventing Misuse of Public Research Funds

NPO Consortium TIES Research Institute has been selected as a research institution stated in the Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research(KAKENHI) Handling Regulations, Article 8.2 by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan) as of February 2, 2016. Based on the “Guidelines for research institutions to manage and audit the public research fund (implementation standards),” we have created basic policies to prevent irregularities and strengthen the observation of management and operation in relation to the usage of the research fund as follows.

March 18, 2017
Yasunori Yanagisawa
Cheif Director

(1)Clarification of responsibility-taking system

Chief Director shall be designated as Chief Administrator.
Senior Administrator shall be designated as Director of Research Institute.
Vice-chief Director shall be designated as Compliance Promotion Manager.
Executive Director shall be designated as Research Ethics Education Manger.

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Code of Practice for Research in the Research Institute utilizing KAKENHI (Japanese only)

(2)Developing an environment to underpin adequate operation and management

Set action guidelines for researchers as a code of conduct for research activities.

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Researcher Action Policy (Japanese only)

(3)Understanding the factors causing irregularities and establish and implement plans for the prevention of misuse

Establish Plans for the Prevention of Irregularities and promote its implementation.

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Regulations Regarding the Prevention of Fraudulent Research Activities (Japanese only)

(4)Action for adequate operation and management of research grants

To prevent the fraudulent purchase of supplies, Secretariat staff shall conduct inspections. Suppliers involved in the illicit transactions shall be imposed a penalty such as being suspended from further transactions.

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Disposal Policy of Suppliers Involved in the Illicit Transactions of Public Research Funds (Japanese only)

(5)Establish a system to secure information transmission

Establish a single point contact in the secretariat for consultation concerning the use of public research funds, emergency calls, and other situations.



To ensure adequate operation and management of public research funds, viable monitoring shall be practiced.

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Code of Practice in Internal Auditing of Public Research Funds (Private)