TIES Report Vol.2

NPO CCC-TIES 2012 Summer Symposium in Hokkaido
The Warranties of Digital Contents Searching for the Future Direction of Education Utilizing ICT

Held: August 9, 2012
Issued: March 21, 2013

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  1. E-everything: e-learning, e-library, e-publishing &c, of Higher Education / Syun Tutiya
  2. Designing a Learning Environment Applying the Cooperativity and Sociality of Learning / Noyuri Mima
  3. The Continuous Development and Distribution of Learning Contents in the Lifelong Learning Society
    / Tsuneo Yamada
  4. The Common Base of Digital Contents by the Linkage of Universities / Hiroshi Komatsugawa
  5. Digital Contents for Pre-University Education / Chiharu Ishikawa
  6. Digital Contents for Undergraduate Education / Kanji Kojima
  7. Digital Contents for Career Education / Hiroshi Iwai
  8. Digital Contents for Lifelong Learning / Fumio Hino
  9. Panel Discussion -Part 2 Debate- / Chiharu Ishikawa, Kanji Kojima, Hiroshi Iwai,Fumio Hino, (MC)Yoshiyuki Ohmori