TIES Report Vol.8

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TIES Symposium
Online Education Leads the Way to the Future of Universities

Held: June 27, 2015
Issued: October 6, 2015

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  1. Online Education and the Future of Universities / Katsuhiko Shirai
  2. Open Education and the Future of Universities / Syun Tutiya
  3. CLOUD and BYOD Bring Change to Teaching and Learning Environments / Shoji Kajita
  4. Approach to Online Education in Otemae University / Kojiro Hata
  5. To Eliminate Graduation from Our Lives / Kenshiro Mori
  6. Usage and Application of Learning Log Data in gacco/MOOC / Yasumasa Watanabe
  7. CHiLO Book Changes the Future of Universities / Masumi Hori
  8. Panel Discussion: The Future of Online Education in Japan / (Chairperson)Kazutsuna Yamaji, Shoji Kajita, Kojiro Hata, Kenshiro Mori, Yasumasa Watanabe, Masumi Hori