New CHiLO Books “Introduction to Chinese <Key points> Explanation” released

New series “Introduction to Chinese <Key points> Explanation”  has been added to CHiLO Book Library!

CHiLO Books are also accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Use these e-books as materials for active learning!

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Currently, five books released!
Additional volumes to be issued
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★ CHiLO BooK “Introduction to Chinese <Key points> Explanation”

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Onishi, Tomoyuki
Professor, University-wide Education Development Center,Tezukayama University

Video clips included to explain the grammar key points of each unit of the textbook “Introduction to Chinese” (by O TORAN and ONISHI TOMOYUKI, Hakuteisha Publishing) created by Tezukayama University. The book was designed for studying before attending university classes and includes pronunciation exercises making it useful especially for beginners. Concomitant use of web version textbook “Introduction to Chinese” ( is recommended for deeper understanding

At the moment, only explanations are included in the specifications, but exercises will be added on in due course.